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My daughter has been taught by Kevin Archbold for only 10 months. In this time his classes, guidance and expertise have transformed her from a shy to a confident child who enjoys socialising, dancing, singing and loves to perform.

I could never have imagined that she would be smiling confidently on the Queens Theatre stage.



Having an 8 year old son who is interested and enthusiastic about performing arts, it is so important to keep him in the right environment where he is comfortable and most importantly, happy to express his natural love of dancing. KAarts allows him to do exactly this…..


Our Daughter has known Kevin Archbold since she was just 3 years old and now, six years later, she is delighted to be continuing that relationship at Kevin’s own school.

Her first words when we collected her from the opening day at KA Arts were “Best Day Ever!” – the highest compliment a nine year old can give.



My boys have known Kevin for many years now, they began their training at CPA studios 8 years ago, one is now a senior with the other following up to seniors next year.

Kevin has always been extremely professional, kind and friendly with not only both the boys and all the other students, but also towards the parents. He is very supportive with his students and has an amazing rapport with them. Whilst having a way of making them feel at ease.

He certainly knows how to encourage and bring out the best in the children he teaches, and my children truly look up to him.

His experience of the industry is invaluable and he excels in the way he passes this on to his students. The children seem to thrive when Kevin is teaching them, for us, there was no question where they were going to continue their training.



We have known Kevin for many years in his capacity as Head of School at CPA, and now as principal of KA Arts. He has a great passion for the Arts, and this is apparent in the way he teaches his pupils.

My daughter is thoroughly enjoying her time at KA Arts and we would highly recommend it to anyone!



There was no question as to where my children would continue their training after the sudden collapse of CPA. Kevin brought light to a lot of parents who were in darkness as to where their children were going to study next.

I have known Kevin and some of his team for almost 6 years now. He has always been extremely professional and friendly, who has a great rapport with his students. His experience and knowledge of the industry is invaluable. There is no better mentor than someone who has experienced West End productions and who wants to pass that knowledge forward. KA Arts is truly a theatre school that allows a child to ‘Come Alive’. I am honoured and proud my children are apart of this new adventure. KA Arts all the way.



My daughter loves and looks forward to her Saturday’s being part of KA Arts,
Her confidence has grown so much and I’m so proud of what she’s achieving so far, couldn’t ask for a better drama/dance school for her to be a part of!!



The uniqueness of KA arts is that it has something for everyone, ranging from those parents who want their child to gain confidence, new friends and skills or perhaps take up a hobby to the other end of the spectrum where students are considering performance as a career. Kevin and his staff have a vast experience and knowledge of the industry which obviously helps the latter.

My family have been associated with the former CPA and Kevin for around 22 years, including my 6 year old daughter as the latest student, who has been with Kevin for approximately 2 years now. She has blossomed so much and we often have people ask where she gets her confidence from!

We know all too well the high standards and professionalism Kevin and his staff exude, backed up by the numerous successful former students to have been involved with Kevin which is why we chose to follow Kevin when CPA closed.

KA Arts will only keep going from strength to strength, watch out world!



My daughter has been taught by Kevin for many years now, previously with CPA and now at KA Arts.

Kevin brings out the best in his students. He encourages skill and confidence. He has created a performing arts family!

My sincere thanks to Kevin and his teachers.